When was the first time you thought about creating an online course... how long ago was that? ...do you think about it all the time? ...have you even started? ...have done little bits here and there? ...do you kick yourself every time you see someone else launch their course?  

You’re probably focused on all the things all at once, when you should JUST focus on creating your MVP - Minimum Viable Product.  

And, guess what? That’s exactly what we’re going to do in this 12- part challenge.  

In just a few weeks you’ll be fist pumping yourself, “Oh yeah baby, I did that!” when you have literally completed your online course - FIN-AL-LY!  

There is nothing better than committing to doing something that will drastically benefit your business then actually completing your goal!  

And, I believe, no, I KNOW, you can do this.  


Cause this IS how I do it.  


Here’s what you’ll learn in this free 5-part Miniprogram?  

1. Discover Your Teach-easy Topics

Using a creative brainstorming activity, we’ll uncover the 1-3 most feasible and crave-worthy topics that you could teach others in a snap.  

2. Target Audience Discovery (made simple)

In this fun, quick-fire session, we’ll go through TAD to figure out WHO you need to target.

3. Validation Nation

Now that we know the topics and the audience, we use this simple and fast way to discover the perfect match for you.  

4. Spy Games (You VS ?)

Knowing who we’re up against will only help us understand why we stand out. You’ll go through a fun research mission that will give us valuable information on what makes your online course different.

5. Embrace Your Inner Mary Poppins (Keep It Organized)

Organization goes hand in hand with productivity and success. Let’s make sure you are prepared with the right tools so you can just create like a MF’er.  

The totally awesome news.... this part is completely free! 

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Here’s what you’ll learn in the next part of the full 12-part Miniprogram?  

6. E&A Framework

Using the E&A framework, we’ll create the full module/lesson skeleton structure for your program.  

7. Engage The Crap Out Of Them

Watching a course with back-to-back videos can be boring, so we want to give our audience more thrills, which equals better retention and positive reviews. In this session you’ll choose 1-5 content ideas for your course.  

8. Load Up With Bullets  

It’s time to break down what the content will actually be within each lesson. We’ll look at the best ways to find the right content for your lessons (fun research ideas) and will cover everything your audience needs  

9. Imagine The (Launch) Possibilities 

How will people access your online course? We’ll review multiple different strategies that you can choose when launching your online course.  

10. It’s All About The Benjamins Baby

We’ll use my Forecasting Formula to identify your profitable price. We’ll also consider different guarantees you can include and why or why not they might be right for you.  

11. Back To The Content

Now that you have a full course structure, the types of content you’ll be using and bullet point content for each lesson, let’s start to develop the full content.

12. Brand Ready

One of the funnest parts of course creation! We’ll go through a naming initiative to help you unearth a well branded name that will not only say the right thing, but will attract the right audience.  

P.s. If you are an existing WIB Member - you will automatically recieve the 12 days access to this training!

The even better news....

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P.s. If you are an existing WIB Member - you will automatically recieve the 12 days access to this training!

Oh, and Yaaas girl, there are bonuses! Cause we all love the feeling of getting that “free gift” when we’re at the cosmetic counter. Same.  


Sales Funnel Quickie

In this mini course, we’ll plan out a 3-step sales funnel that will not only sell your course, but it will help you generate some easy funds and build your list.

Create Your Online Courses With Wordpress

While you can use a plethora of options to sell your course, Amanda’s a MASSIVE believer in owning your stuff. We’ll review the 3 plugins you MUST use to get started on creating a place for your online course(s).  

It’s time to give yourself the gift of having an online course that will let you serve your target audience AND live a better, happy, and damn good life!  

Sign up now!  


P.s. If you are an existing WIB Member - you will automatically recieve the 12 days access to this training!

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