Video Confidence in Just a

Few Simple Steps

How to Have Undeniable Video and Lives Confidence for women

looking to conquer Social Media

Video Confidence Cheat Sheets

Are you ready to once and for all conquer your fear of LIVES and doing videos for your Social Media content?

It is time to step into your powerful goddess and share your message with the world.

This FREE gift will help you:

  • Make LIVES content planning & delivery easy with step by step checklist
  • Help you Prepare for every LIVE video so you show up as a confident diva that you are
  • Position yourself as an authority in your niche using video
  • Show you the best ways to use video for your Social media
  • BONUS: Personal Brand Online Cheklist

Hey, gorgeous!

My name is Raimonda and I am a serial entrepreneur, visibility expert and founder of the Women in Business Club, an international community for female entrepreneurs with a global audience of over 300k. In just a few years I went from losing my voice due to trauma to becoming an international speaker and event host.

In the last few years, I hosted more than 300 speakers on my stages, podcast and Member's Club. I know just what it takes to become a speaker. Every day I get requests to speak on stages and have been featured in the media, on global stages, international summits and various podcasts.

My passion is to support other women to become empowered in business with skills and confidence to become visible go-to experts in their field and grow their businesses to the next level of success through video content, public speaking and the media.

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