Struggling to grow your audience?

Social Media Mastery is here to help you make it easy

Are you struggling with social media visibility? 

Wondering how to stand out in the already crowded market? 

Perhaps you are putting out offers but struggling to make any sales? 

Time to change the game and Master Social Media for good!

Our brand new Social Media Mastery Training just launched! 

Normal price: $197  

Your price: $97 (for a limited time only)  

Here's what you will learn...

Building Awareness for your brand  

How to effectively build awareness and attract your ideal clients. 

Every business needs more visibility in order to attract paying clinets - and in this training we will help you map out your awareness campaign focusing on the key social media channels and other marketing techniques. 

Nuruturing Your Audience 

How to create and build trust with your audeince in simple steps  

Helping you nuruture your audeince for an effective sales, using proven methods of communication and trust building. This training will help you turn your audeince into potential buyers with ease. 

Running Promotions  

How to create your offer and promote it to your social media followers 

This training will give you the insights into successfull promotion techniques - helping you create and offer your services and packages to your audience. No more crickets in your funnels - let's make some epic sales!


How to monetise your offers using social media 

In this part of the training you will learn efffective monetisation techniques an how to close sales using social media. Time to sell those offers and make some money! Are you ready to see your bank balance soar? 

Let's say hello - we may become virtual besties after this training! :)

Raimonda Jankunaite 

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Mentor 

Raimonda founded Women in Business Club May 2017, and have since hosted nearly 10 Women Empowerment events, an International Women in Business Summit, and mentored possibly over a 100 women in business in the last few years and inspired thousands via @womeninbusinessclub Instagram account that shot to 100k followers in just 1 year. 

With her mission to empower more female entrepreneurs, Raimonda now shares her knowledge and over 10 years of business expereince with others. 

Anything from becoming visible online, to building consistent income and creating stability, as well as business strategy and long term vision. 

She truly understands how to leverage social media for business and attract your tribe and in this amazing training will share with you her key tips and strategies in becoming visible and nurturing your prospects to sale.

Katie Colella 

Business Mentor and Sales Funnel Startegist

Katie Colella is a social media expert, business mentor and sales funnels strategist with vast experience in building marketing campaigns and sales / nurture sequences to help transition subscribers to buyers.  

She helps female entrepreneurs create epic launches, using the power of social media and funnel automations, setting systems in place as well as advising clients on best strategies. You can find Katie nerding on the latest tech tools and systems to build a new shiny lead page or email sales sequence. 

Katie knows her stuff when it comes to nurturing audience from cold to hot and will share with you her top take aways that you can implement in your business to see the growth your desire. 

Time to change the game and Master Social Media for good!

Are you a service based entrepreneur looking to gain more visibility?

Would you like to have a pipeline of clients lining up to buy your courses or coaching programmes?

I know just how difficult it is to stand out from the rest in the online world and sometimes it feels like making a sale is like trekking the mountain everest with no mountintop in sight. 

You are probably feeling exhausted and drained from all the noise on the internet about marketing tricks... 

Let me tell you - there is no one simple trick - but there is a proven system that works. 

It is called Social Media Mastery - Attract, Build Trust, Nurture and Sell. 

And unless you start taking your audeince on a journey with you where the trust and loyalty becomes a fact, there will be no sales. 

Over the last 10 years, myself and Katie have built many successful businesses online and now we are able to share our insights with you. 

Time to change the game and Master Social Media for good!

 Social Media Mastery Training 

Normal price: $197  

Your price: $97 (for a limited time only)  


What are yo going to get with this training?

Social Media Mastery Includes:

4 x pre-recorded in-depth video workshops 

2 x Practical Workbooks 

1 x Ideal Client Avatar worksheet to help you nail your ideal client persona 

1 x Video Mastery Cheat Sheet to help you build confidence on Video 

Copywriting Workbook to help you master your sales copy 

Social Media Mastery - Attract, Build Trust, Nurture and Sell. 

This is your time to shine and start attracting those sales in your business!!!

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